Weak GrowthStock Price Very High


based on last 5 year data.
Income Statement is MODERATE
Revenue Growth is 9.5%
Operating Income Growth is 78.5%
Net Income Growth is 80.03%
Earnings Per Share (EPS) Growth is 75.36%
Net Margin is 3.77%
Balance Sheet is WEAK
Current Asset to Current Liability Ratio is 0.79
Debt Ratio is 0.92
Current Debt to Net Income Ratio is 7.73
Total Debt to Total Assets Ratio is 0.36
Cash Flow is STRONG
Cash from Operations Growth is 63.18%
Capital Expenditure is High
Net Increase in Cash is Positive
Long Term Score Trend is POSITIVE
Investment Risk is High
based on last 4 quarter data.
Unless specified, all values are in USD Millions. Data extracted from SEC Filing and are subject to processing and input errors.
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